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Don’t Let Contractors Make Fool of You

When you plan to build a house, you will need to make negotiation with a contractor. It can be a great challenge in making negotiation as you should pay with your lowest bid. However, you need to have much more flexible negotiation for normal projects of house remodeling instead of upgrading on current building or interior refurbishing.

You should keep in mind that contractors have the right to decide the price, but it doesn’t mean that they can make fool of you. When you need to be sure about a reputable professional contractor with reasonable price, you should apply some tactics related with negotiating.
First; get bids competitively

Work scope of each contractor is the same though the bids surely will be different. Make sure you make lots of comparisons to every contractor and you can offer prices on bid. Then, all you have to do is making the comparison on the bid. You will see that they can make adjustment in meeting your expectation. Competition is high and they will try hard to win the bid. However, when they find out that your bid is ‘too’ low, they usually bring out more appealing bid when they don’t beat price.

The hard crisis of economic aspect has been hitting all people throughout the world. Any kind of industry has the impact, including real estate industry. Surely, it relates a lot with less income for anyone who counts on his manner of living in real estate aspect. Not only homeowners don’t tend to make renovation, they also hate to complete any project of their home improvement. But when everything goes better, homeowners tend to have reasonably priced contractors who can bring out perfect job

Second; Additional Bonuses Should be Given

Relating with the tight competition among those contractors, they usually will provide bonuses or other extras when you make bid. Usually, they offer diminished upgrades. Yet, such kind of bonuses are usually given when you are about to commit bigger project. Don’t expect them to give bonuses in adjoining your bedrooms if you only want him to make little renovation on your kitchen

Third, Reducing Cost by Using Used Materials

Sometimes, this kind of trick works for certain contractors who have known lots of suppliers. Yet, not of them will risk their reputation in using used materials. But it doesn’t mean that you should give up just like that. You can make little negotiation with them and make the most of their good relationship with suppliers. It will be better if you save some bucks for those flooring or ceramics for your bathroom. But you can also find some contractors from big companies who have inventory on those materials at low price. Just be smart.

Fourth: Right Time, Right Place

Just like buying flight tickets on peak season, you should also avoid high priced contractors during time when most people are buildingh houses. In several countries—mostly third world ones whose people are still having strong cultural mindset about building a house in certain ‘good months’—lots of contractors charge high for their service during those months. Surely, it doesn’t work for any country. Just be wise in choosing one.

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